Make your mobile VR-Experience highly immersive in 3 simple steps

Monday, Oct 4, 2021

When Google introduced the Cardboard-Viewer back in 2014 a whole new world opened up for smartphone users. Virtual reality from now on wasn’t an exclusive Technology anymore, that required powerful computers and expensive Headsets, but rather an easy opportunity for everyone to experience things that seem impossible in real life. Our mission at Stargaze is to fully use and build upon that potential to deliver cutting-edge mobile virtual reality experiences accessible for everyone. For you to be fully immersed by them, there are some preparations you can take care of.

Powerful Smartphone and Headphones

In mobile VR reality experiences, your smartphone provides the computational power and the screen necessary for the immersion. For you to enjoy our VR experiences to the full extend your smartphone should be fairly powerful. In general terms, the more powerful your smartphone is, the smoother the application will run and you can be fully immersed in your virtual surroundings. Additionally, the greater your smartphone’s screen resolution, the more you will forget that it is a virtual experience. This is the case, because the 2 lenses that separate your eyes from your phone that is placed around 3cm away from them, magnify your phone’s screen and the individual pixels will be visible to you. Furthermore, you should adjust your screen’s brightness to a level that feels comfortable to your eyes, but in most cases, full brightness will be best. Before starting a VR-Experience, you should disable your notifications, since can distract and destroy your immersion.

Lastly, you should consider putting on headphones, especially ones with noise-canceling since they intercept external disturbances. Also, due to their Stereo-Sound, you will be able to locate where sound is coming from in the virtual world.

Comfortable Headset

Apart from the smartphone, the VR-Headset is obligatory as well. When choosing a mobile VR-Headset you should focus on three aspects. First, the headset should fit your phone size. Generally, a Headset will fit a variety of phone sizes, but especially if you own a smartphone with screen sizes above around >6.5” inch you should look for a wider headset than what is the “norm”. Secondly, you should pay attention to the headset’s material. The material range reaches from cardboard and foam to plastic. Headsets made out of foam or cardboard start at around 6$, and out of plastic at around 12$. In this case, it comes down to your personal preference. Lastly, the headset should come with a headband to keep it fixed and steady on your head. Otherwise, you would have to hold it with your hands.

Quiet and Dark Location

In Virtual Reality, you are able to move your head in 360°, this is why should either stand up with some space around you or sit on a chair that allows you to freely move your head and body around. Also, you should darken your room, because additional light might be disturbing, particularly in dark virtual surroundings, and ensure that it is quiet inside the room you are in.

Now you should be ready to start your virtual journey. Why don’t you check out one of our Experiences?